Division: NanoCenter

Leading scientific researcher

Phone:+(994) 12 4189067; Mob: 994 50 364 90 67

e-mail: [email protected]


Date of Birth: 25/09/1957

Home address: 29/127B, Y.Vezirov str., AZ1052, Baku, Azerbaijan

Phone: (994 12) 438 48 24

Office address: Baku State University, 23 Khalilov str.,Baku, 370148

Phone: (994 12) 439 06 93; 418 90 67


1987: Ph.D., Faculty of Physics, Baku State University, Baku

From 1969 to 1974:

1996 Ph.D. on Solid State Physics

1978-1981 Special Faculty of Physics, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, student

1975-1978: Faculty of Physics, Baku State University, student



2004 to present leading scientific researcher, NanoCenter, Baku State University

1992-11.2004: scientific researcher, department of Physics, Baku State University

1988-1992: sub research officer, Baku State University

1985-1988: post-graduate student Moscow Engineering Physics Institute

1983-1984 probationer teacher Moscow Engineering Physics Institute

1982-1983: engineer, Department of Physical Electronics, Baku State University

1981-1982: laboratory assistant , Departement of General Physics, Baku State University


Nanomaterials, nanocomposites and physical processes in the low dimensional structures


2008, july, Sydney, Australia, International Conference on Electronic Materials

2008, September, Ivanovo, Russian, Int. Conf. «Kinetic and mechanism of Crystallization,

“Crystallization for Nanotechnology and Medicine”

2008, oktober, Iran, Tabriz, Inter. Cong. on Nanoscience& Nanotechnology

2008, august,. Kharkov, Ukrine, International symposium, " Supramolecular and nanochemistry:

Toward application". SNCTA

2008, september,Warsaw, Poland, E-MRS 2008 all meeting, Warsaw University of Technology

2008, june, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2nd int. conf. on functional materials&Devices (ICFMD)

2008, junne, Baku, Azerbaijan, Actual problems of Physics

2007, july, Singapore, Inter. Conf. ICMAT

2007, november, Moscow, Phryazino, Россия, Int. Conf. «Nanotechnology to Manufacture- 2007»

2007, may-june, Strasbourg, France, E-MRS 2007 Spring Meeting, Symposium A

2007, september, Warsaw, Poland, E-MRS 2007, Fall Meeting.

2007, october, Frascati, Italy, International Simposium: Nanoscience & Nanotecnology

2007, october, Crimea, Ukraine, International conference Functional Materials

2007, september, Kashan, Iran, 2nd conf of nanotechnology

2007, march, Shanghai, China, Asia Displey conference

2007, june-May, Strasbourg, France, E-MRS Spring Meeting, Symposium A

2006, november, Moscow, Phryazino, Int. Conf. «Nanotechnology to manufacture -2006»

2006, november, Rome, Italy, International Conference on nanoscience and nanotechnology

2006, october-november, San Francisco, California, 3rd International Congress of Nanotechnology

2006, may, Ankara, Turkey; 3rd International Conference on Technical and Physical Problems in

Power Engineering

2006, september, Bucharest, Romania;International Conference ROCAM,

2006, july-august, Swirzerland, Basel,Int. conf. on Nanoscience and Technology, 30 - 04

2005, september, Baku, Azerbaijan, Light in Nano-Size Solids I Int. Scientific Seminar

2005, november, Rome, Italy, Inter. Conf. on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

1994, december, Taiwan, R.O.C., Seventh International Conference on Solid Fims and Surfaces

1993, august, Tehran, Iran, 2nd intern.confer. on Lasers and their applications



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2005– 2007 Grant 3486 STCU “Diffusion and ion-exchange processes in chalcogenide semiconductor nanoparticles , formed in volume of polymer matrix
2006- 2008 Grant 3840 STCU “The utilization of wastes of production PTFE wares as mean of fight
against  international terrorism”
COST 539 (ELENA)Electroceramics from Nanopowders Produced by Innovative Methods”
Qrant TWAS  “Growth of core-shell type nanoparticleson basis CdS-CuxS in polymer matrices, and an evaluftion of the electrical and optical properties of the composite materials”
Qrant Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)“Nanotechnology platform for electronics and photonics”

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