Nanomaterials, nanotechnologies, generally nanoscience is determined as the strategically direction of new technology in 21st century. For intensification coordination of the investigations on this direction between chemistry, physics and biology department in the university  was created Nanocenter. One of the mean aims of this center is to enlarge international cooperation of the university on this area. Now NanoCenter takes part in the International projects witch are finance by STSU(Science & Technology Center in  Ukraine) and European Union.

Now NanoCenter has large international relations. We collaborated with Middle East University of Turkey(Ankara), Massachusetts University, Amherst (USA), Ovidius University of Constanta (Romania), National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics Institute (Bucharest, Romania), Institute of General Physics(Moscow, Russia), Institute of crystallography (Moscow, Russia) and other research centers.

We developed following methods for obtaining of nanomaterials:

SILAR(successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction):
Thin films and nanoparticles of chalcogenide semiconductors CdS, CuxS, Cd1-xZnxS have been formed in polymer matrix with the help of SILAR technology.
Now we are investigating the diffusion and ion-exchange processes in nanoparticles.

Crystallization in matrix:
We have prepared nanoparticles of CdS and GaSe in glass with the help of the crystallization in matrix. Nanoparticles of GaSe formed in δ-phase.

Sol – Gel
By help of combination sol-gel technology and SILAR developed method of formation nanocomposites on base of chalcogenide semiconductors and porous silicon dioxide matrix.


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